Corporate info

Corporate Profile

Company NameMitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd.
Head office5-23-37, Higashi-ohi,Shinagawa, 
Tokyo 140-8537 Japan
PresidentEiichiro Suhara
Capital¥4,497 million
Number of Employees

Non-consolidated 572
Consolidated 3,361

Consolidated ¥67,247 million
Ordinary Income

Consolidated ¥12,308 million
Net Income

Consolidated ¥8,346 million

(As of December 31,2017)

Business Operations

Manufacture and supply of writing instruments, such as wooden pencils, mechanical pencils, mechanical pencil leads, ballpoint pens and roller balls, felt-tip pens and markers with oil-and water based inks; office automation (OA) supplies, such as floppy disks, OA batteries, OA paper, and files; office goods, such as pencil sharpeners, cellophane tape, penholders, and erasers as well as other text-correction products; cosmetics; rubber stamps; carbon products; and other products