Corporate info

Corporate Profile

Company NameMitsubishi Pencil Co., Ltd.
Head office5-23-37, Higashi-ohi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-8537, Japan
PresidentEiichiro Suhara
Capital4,497 million yen
Number of Employees

Non-consolidated 603
Consolidated 2,575

Non-consolidated 45,061 million yen
Consolidated 56,470 million yen
Ordinary Income

Non-consolidated 3,872 million yen
Consolidated 5,884 million yen
Net Income

Non-consolidated 2,387 million yen
Consolidated 3,715 million yen

(As of April 1,2008)

Business Operations

Manufacture and supply of writing instruments, such as wooden pencils, mechanical pencils, mechanical pencil leads, ballpoint pens and roller balls, felt-tip pens and markers with oil-and water based inks; office automation (OA) supplies, such as floppy disks, OA batteries, OA paper, and files; office goods, such as pencil sharpeners, cellophane tape, penholders, and erasers as well as other text-correction products; cosmetics; rubber stamps; carbon products; and other products